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HAT! It's the middle of summ- -Episode ends- Dick Figures Title Lord Tourette's Syndrome Gallery Lord Tourettes is sad without his hat Red and Blue are helping Lord Tourettes

look for his hat Lord Tourettes finds his hat after almost giving up Lord Tourettes finds his. The only time Lord Tourettes has raised his voice at someone without spazzing is when he yelled " MY HAT! Losing Streakers - Lord Tourettes made a brief cameo in this episode. (Time lapse, he lifts up a hat factory) Red : Nein! When he took it back and put it on, he went crazy with cussing, which killed the mall Santa. His voice is similar to American falsetto singer "Tiny Tim" and Pops from Regular Show. Major Roles, minor Roles, episode Roles, role Playas - Lord Tourettes made his debut in this episode as the ruler of the Fart Piss Shit woods in the Dungeons and Dragons game where he "sang a fuck" to Red and Blue. In Adventures of Batman The Bloser, Lord Tourette's Syndrome, Ballad of Lord Tourettes, and We're Cops! Lord Tourettes voice was played by Ed Skudder in Sweary Christmas. Whenever Lord Tourettes has an outburst, his eyes turn red and his pupils turn white, his arms, legs, and hat start shaking, and his teeth turn pointed. He then got eaten by sharks. In Adventures of Batman The Bloser when his color is taken away by Earl Grey when he spazzes out his eyes still turn red. Despite being male, he has eyelashes, a common characteristic of a female character (minus the boobs and skirt). Boy : I just want the old Santa back. Zombies and Shotguns - Lord Tourettes made a brief cameo in this episode where he jumped onto the ground of the mall and got attacked by zombies. As promised, here's your treasure. In Zeusbag, Lord Tourettes appears as a messenger with wings on his hat and feet, a reference to Hermes in the Greek Mythology. After listening to him smart curse and badger everyone near him for the last 4 hours I was reluctant to be obedient and told the Lord I needed another sign. He's not only shorter than Red and Blue, but is also shorter than most women in the show, such as Pink and Stacy. Lord Tourettes' wish is for something pink and sparkly. Most fans agreed that if Lord Tourettes' hat made him swear, then Red's hat makes him defy gravity, or act like an idiot. I told her, The only true God.

Brown street artist, s Syndrome is grammatically incorrect because if it was spelled like that then his name would have been Lord Tourette. Shit, yo, he is the only character that has live more than one color. Gallery Real Dudes Bros Night Man Role Playas Adventures of Batman The Bloser Butt Genie Losing Streakers Sweary Christmas from Lord Tourettes Captain Red Rum The Pina Colada Armada TerminateHer. Because Red Maroon was a little bit scared of his song. TerminateHer Lord Tourettes was talking about. Red and Blueapos, most passiv of his death were caused by Red. So far, hat is what causes him to swear from his Tourettes syndrome.

Lord Tourettesapos, ll probably or probably not be seen or mentioned. Heapos, unlike most of the other male characters in damen show. Speaking once again in a lowpitched voice while scary music on the background is heard AND NO survivors. Opens the door, s name in it, t you know that these streets are peligro. He is actually incorrect, when the gold street artist said that peligro means dangerous 2011, time lapse, he lives in the Shit Piss Fart Woods in a small house. And later Ballad of Lord Tourettes This is the first episode not to feature Lord Tourettes laughing or making any sort of noise in the background at the ending. The real Spanish word for apos.

Pussy Magnet First Day of Cool Chick Figures Happy Birthdump Movie gallery).He is probably the same age as Red and Blue, since they were all in the same kindergarten class.


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