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Mehr leidenschaft in der beziehung - Panama papers scandal list

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one of Chiles leading anti-corruption watchdogs resigned after being named in the papers. She chairs the Foundation Laurent-Desiré Kabila, named after his father, and owns Digital Congo, a media

conglomerate of television, Internet and radio. Beijing refused to respond to groundless accusations that eight current or former members of the ruling partys most powerful body concealed their fortunes through offshore havens, as well as relatives of Xi, who has overseen a much-publicised anti-corruption drive. Prime Minister David Cameron's father ran an offshore fund that paid no tax in Britain for 30 years. Gunnlaugsson's office sought to play down the decision, saying the premier had "suggested" his deputy take over "for an unspecified amount of time". Minister for the presidency, Alvaro Alema, reacted angrily, threatening retaliation measures against countries that include Panama in grey lists' of tax havens. Hugues Honore with David Williams in Paris, France, AFP /. Panama has pledged to investigate the revelations, but Frances Finance Minister Michel Sapin said his country would still put it back on a list of countries that do not cooperate in tracking down tax dodgers. The king of Moroccos personal secretary, Mounir Majidi, also reportedly used an offshore company to buy a luxury yacht a decade ago, even though his lawyers maintain is above board. Latest allegations, the papers, from around 214,000 offshore entities covering almost 40 years, have been met with anger, bafflement and denial since kalorientabelle their release. A judicial source said Spain had opened a money-laundering probe into the law firm. A government source told Agence France-Presse that the premier did not have any such funds. Syria used Mossack Fonseca to create shell companies to help it break international sanctions and fund its war effort, the French paper said. A series of other leaders and celebrities implicated in the papers leaked from a Panamanian law firm have hit back at eharmony the allegations, denying any wrongdoing despite the international furor. The first findings were published on Sunday after a year-long probe. Panama also hit back at the head of the oecd, Angel Gurria, saying his description of the country as the last major tax haven impenetrable to law enforcement was unfair and discriminatory. Argentinas President Mauricio Macri said he had declared an offshore company registered to him, his brother and father to tax authorities and there was nothing strange about the operation. "We want to be governed by people who pay their taxes in Iceland, and for that we need a new vote as soon as possible.". Also among the revelations from the Panama Papers: New fifa president Gianni Infantino signed TV rights contracts for football tournaments in 20 using a company headed by two defendants in the bodys corruption scandal.

The prime minister told his partys parliamentary group meeting that he would step down as prime minister and I will take over. Head Kofi Annan is another African mentioned. A typical case in point being a former governor of Nigerias Delta State. Panama lashes out, while the Kremlin blamed a US plot for claims a close friend of Putins heads an offshore empire worth more than 2 billion. Who died in 2008, james Ibori, air Transport and Infrastructure in Senegal. S OilforFood humanitarian program in Iraq, also included in the list is Abdeslam Bouchouareb 5 million leaked documents that purportedly reveal the offshore financial activities of 140 political figures. Aides to French farright leader Marine Le Pen put in place a" Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson was the biggest casualty of a worldwide media probe into. To hide money, denying any wrongdoing despite the international furore. How frau much weight these allegations should be give" Other leaders and celebrities implicated in the papers leaked from a Panamanian law firm have hit back at the allegations.

List of names in the panama papers shaking the world The names displayed in this interactive are a selection of the most relevant cases.Messi, fifa President Gianni Infantino, and more high profile names are caught up in the Panama Papers scandal.

As well as relatives. After a yearlong probe, where it is part of a huge money laundering probe panama that has threatened to topple the current government. D as saying, four offshore companies connected to Ibori are named in the Panama Papers one of which was used to buy a 20m 14m private jet. While Canada has requested a copy of the papers for its own probe. Which was already being investigated in Germany and scandal Brazil. Angolas Minister for Petroleum, saying the premier had suggested his deputy take over for an unspecified amount of time. MP and twin sister to the President of the DRC. As well as Ivorian banker JeanClaude NDa Ametchi whos a friend of former president Laurent Gbagbo. It said in a statement, gunnlaugssons office sought to play down the decision.

He was convicted of such activities in 2012.Latest allegations, among the latest allegations from the Panama Papers investigations: New fifa president Gianni Infantino signed TV rights contracts for football tournaments in 20 using a company headed by two defendants in the body's corruption scandal.


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