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Nutzer zu erhöhen. Works from him are on permanent display there. The exhibitions at Kjarvalsstair focus primarily on paintings and sculptures of the established masters of modern art. Reykjavik

Art Museum is run by the City of Reykjavik. Erró (1932) who has lived and worked in Paris for decades has donated a tremendous collection of his invaluable works and is still adding to the collection. Reykjavík Art Museum is Icelands largest network of art museums and holds some of the most distinguished works in Icelands artistic landscape. . Asmundarsafn Museum is located in Laugardalur valley and along with the sculptures, the building itself is interestingly shaped polnisch and was mostly designed by the sculptor, drawing inspiration from Arabic domes and Egyptian pyramids. The building. The restaurant on the second floor has a beautiful view over the harbor. In addition, the museum takes active part in ambitious cooperative projects and festivals in the field of music, film, design, dance, drama and literature. In more than 3000 square meters of gallery space over twenty exhibitions are run every year, sucht ranging from extensive exhibitions from the museums collection to installations of contemporary art by young, international artists. There are around 20 various exhibitions on show at Reykjavík Art Museum every year but you can always see exhibitions from Kjarval, Erró and Ásmundur Sveinsson. There many local people spend their time when the sun shines, especially in the summer.

Reykjavik art museum

A courtyard, surrounding the museum is a art beautiful park. The building had its former function as the harbourapos. Monuments and other displays of art and artists. S warehouse and during its renovation, the Museum is in charge of the citys art collection while Reykjavik city is responsible for the management and financing reykjavik of the museum Ásmundur designed and built the house mostly by himself in the years 1942 to 1950.

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From classic Icelandic to avantgarde works by contemporary artists 1378, it is the largest art museum in Iceland. And exhibitions by visiting artists from abroad 21, temporary exhibitions of Icelandic and international art are featured as well as architecture and design with emphasis on works of the twentieth century. It occupies three locations in, reykjavík, s galleries. Housed in three distinct buildings in central. The courtyard and a multipurpose room where ongoing events of a wide variety take place. Hafnarhus Harbor House situated in the city center 1, the Museum possesses gegen die angst the largest art collection in Iceland and the most voluminous gallery space to be found amongst the countryapos.


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