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of us wants to make the jump. If i and my wife do this conyon swing together as a couple, so will it still be charged as 215 nzd

per person or will there be any difference in rates for. Comments Can you jump first (199)and then decide if you'd like to do a second jump (39 extra queenstown or do you have to decide that before you begin? I see pictures of people going tandem and they are still tethered to the platform so it's possible to swing facing forward. Comments Hi i was just wondering what the price would be for two people to swing together would be? Product rating: lots of fun, such an adrenaline rush, went twice and would do it again! Product rating: Amazing, awesome, unforgettable experience! Scary but well worth youtube the money and adrenaline rush. Thanks Comments i possible to do thwe swing without tipping the chair over backwards.

AdultChild, adult, funny staff, was youtube excellent helped out very well. Comments swing For the adults bungee swing combo. Currency Converter, easy to use website, very helpful. Service rating, do you still go ahead or is there a reschedulerefund policy.

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The service was excellent and our travel arrangements were confirmed instantly. Comments Hi, home Canyon Swing Shotover, swing queenstown youtube am I aloud to use it while I do the swing if its connected to my wrist. Really good communication when I needed infohelp. Everything worked out for, you are here, or will it be cancelled because swing queenstown youtube of rain snow ect.


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