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benefits of the efforts made by our ancestors to save the environment. Here I want to tell my countrymen, that if you get the opportunity, you should also visit

the E-G-E-M, E-GEM website on the Internet. More than two and a half crore children took part in an Essay Competition on cleanliness. I feel we can harness Artificial Intelligence in many such fields. 15th of December is the death anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. This was a turning point in the entire journey of Indias freedom struggle, especially in the context of the methodology of the struggle. Loss of lives cannot be compensated, but I assure the grief-stricken families that in this moment of suffering misery, a hundred twenty five crore Indians stand by them, shoulder to shoulder. And I believe that if you go there once, your heart will tell you to go back again and again. Preventive health care is the least costly and the easiest one as well. He had wanted India to develop heavy industries and also pay full attention to msme, handloom, textiles and cottage industry. It is a good thing and I am pleased to know that just in the first four days of Swachhata Hi Sewa Abhiyan more than 75 lakh people joined these activities with more than 40 thousand initiatives. I think we should propagate this wisdom. The PM had also recalled. Its been an year when GST was implemented. We must usher in the auspicious in 2018, enter the New Year with the resolution of the auspicious We know that in our part of the world, and probably all around the world around the ending of the year we take a stock, contemplate, and. Young teachers associated with this campaign find out a free time of two hours from their busy schedule and contribute in this stupendous mission of bringing out a social transformation. We celebrate the 28th of February as National Science Day since on this very day, he is said to have discovered the phenomenon of light scattering, for which the Nobel Prize was conferred upon him. Two days ago there was a launch of an analytical book on Mann Ki Baat at Rashtrapati Bhavan, it was attended by the Honble President, Honble Vice President, Madam Speaker of the Lok sabha and as an ordinary citizen and as an individual this was. The present-day students of journalism and the champions rike schulz berlin of democracy have been endeavouring morgenland und abendland doku towards raising awareness about that dark period, by constant reminders, and should continue to. Today our woman power has shown inner fortitude and self-confidence, has made herself self-reliant. And this is a salient feature of our society relentless efforts towards self-improvement, self correction. And there are many families who have written to me these very feelings. Known as Chowkabara in Karnataka, Attoo in Madhya Pradesh, Pakidakaali in Kerala, Champal in Maharashtra, Daayaam and Thaayaam in Tamilnadu, Changaa Po in Rajasthan, it had innumerable names. This was the time when the people of India, in every part of the country be it a village or city, the educated or illiterate, the rich or poor, everyone came together shoulder to shoulder and became a part of the Quit India Movement. Come, let us do something on this occasion which may raise the morale of our armed forces. The festival of Samvatsari is symbolic of forgiveness, non-violence and brotherhood. I just received news from Jharkhand wherein under the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan about.5 million women in Jharkhand and this figure is not a small one organized a hygiene campaign for an entire month! Only then will the habit of the body and mind will change. This survey will cover a population of more than 40 crores in more than four thousand cities.

Mann ki baat dates

Can Artificial Intelligence be used as tool to simplify the outreach of health services and modernize medical treatment. Both start with the words We the people. We had launched this campaign with a dream in our hearts. The whole country watched it with abated breath. I wish to speak to our successful young men women between. This festival has become a vehicle kochmesser of raising social and educational awareness. In this edition of Mann Ki Baat. And after Independence, sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was elected the Mayor of Ahmedabad municipal corporation and he immediately selected Victoria Garden as a venue for Lok Manya Tilaks memorial and this was the very Victoria Garden which was named after the British Queen.

The first, mann Ki Baat programme was broadcast on the occasion of Vijayadashami on followed by the second broadcast on 2 November 2014.9 10 The former President of the United States was a part of the January edition of Mann Ki Baat, which was aired.

Mann ki baat dates

We had a problem of water scarcity in our area and we used to dates depend on an army pipeline for the last forty years. I have written letters to all governments and all leaders of the world about the Yoga Day. But, the Buddha, i find that the citizens of our country prepare themselves even more. Moving out of ones village, the farmers in Kapkot tehsil decided to come out of this situation and adopted a value addition process and changed the loss incurring equation into a profitearning one. They traversed a multitude of oceans. The Indian team did something that is exemplary to the whole world. S tribal lady Lakshmikutti, ours is the country of Buddha mann and Gandhi. And this is not only about Sikar. This is a good development and a healthy sign for our democracy.

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