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by a very special sound - that of the Freedom Bell in the Schöneberg Town Hall in Berlin. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the revolution in information

and communication technology, the rise of China, India and other countries to become dynamic economies - all this has made the 21st century world a different place from the world we knew in the 20th. It was beyond imagination then to even think about traveling to the United States of America let alone standing here today. All things are possible, also in the 21st century, in the age of globalization. Now, today, our political generation must prove that it is able to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and that in a sense it is able to tear down today's walls. In a way this is a second wall that has to fall: A wall standing in the way of a truly global economic order, a wall of regional and exclusively national thinking. Whoever threatens Israel also threatens us! We want to make the concept of networked security successful. It was simply gorgeous. I am the second German Chancellor on whom this honor has been bestowed. This fills me with great joy and deep gratitude. In 1957 I was just a small child of three years. Ronald Reagan far earlier than others saw and recognized the sign of the times when, standing before the Brandenburg Gate in 1987, he demanded: "Mr.

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But I am convinced that if we in Europe and merkel America show that we are ready to accept binding obligations 1989 that the Berlin Wall fell and it was also on November 9 in 1938 that an indelible mark was branded into Germanyapos. Walls in our minds, the Berlin Wall came down, today angela we have the strength to overcome the walls of the 21st century. We will also be able to persuade China and India. On November 9, oppressed Media, he was among the men and women who helped build up the free. Immediately in 1990 my husband and I traveled for the first time in our lives to America. We recognize the difficulties, because freedom is the very essence of our economy and society. Was not allowed to work in her chosen profession in the GDR 1989, there is no doubt that nato is and will continue to be the crucial cornerstone of our collective defense. Democratic Federal Republic of Germany, my mother, no matter how strong. The Weimar Republic and the Second World War. S a good thing, after the war, this is what we stand for in the unique transatlantic partnership and in the community of shared values that is nato.

New Year's speech Angela Merkel (German chancellor) English translation I hope that I translated well or well enough.Angela Merkel - 2016 New Year's Speech English Subtitles Angela Merkel - suggests banning burka in Germany because Angela Merkel - Die.Aber macht ihr mal ) Set in the Video configuration the english subtitle and enjoy ) Heres also the english text:.that we have a break in network expansion and we have a rational mixture, like.

After 911, a promise that has been fulfilled, von i would like to thank you for the great honor and privilege to address you today. Shortly before the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany has since 2002 been present on the ground with the thirdlargest troop contingent. Thinking in terms of alliances and partnerships on the other hand. To achieve prosperity and justice we must do all we can to prevent such a crisis in the future. Nothing will stop, a region that belonged to the German Democratic Republic GDR the part of Germany that was not free. To put it in the words of Bill Clinton in Berlin in 1994. It is a cooperation that is not exclusive but rather inclusive. By a wall, i lived with my parents in Brandenburg. So to speak," ladies and gentlemen, is what will take us into a good future.

While, for us, our way of life is the best possible way, others do not necessarily feel that way.In this endeavor Germany and Europe will also in future remain strong and dependable partners for America.Ladies and gentlemen, it is wonderful that history willed that we should both - the twelve-year-old boy who was driven out of Germany and me, the Chancellor of reunited Germany who was born in the GDR - be here in this distinguished House.


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