Types of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are replacement teeth that are removable and made of pink plastic or metal bases. They are custom-designed for a patient by a dentist. The dentist will examine the condition of the mouth to make a temporary mold to determine the size and fit of the partial denture. The dentist will design the proper denture to fit the space left by missing teeth. Once the temporary mold is approved, the partial tooth will be fitted and bonded to the base.

Partial Dentures

These partial dentures are usually cast metal. They are sturdy and can last for years. The plastic covering the metal framework blends in well with the gums and complements the color of the remaining teeth. Some partial dentures may feature clips that connect to the remaining teeth, which will be visible when talking. These clips are made of a tooth-colored material to help them blend in with the mouth. Patients may need to have their teeth replaced by multiple sessions to avoid a complete set of partial dentures.

These devices consist of a metal frame and replacement teeth. The frames are made of a resin-based plastic and are custom-made in a dental lab. Most partial dentures are removable, making them ideal for people who are prone to accidents or who are inactive. You should brush your gums twice daily to remove food and bacteria from the partials, as well as the roof of your mouth. The best way to care for your new teeth is to visit a dental hygienist to check on your dentures regularly.

Among the different types of partial dentures, cast metal ones are the most common. These are durable and long-lasting. They are usually made of resin and covered in plastic that matches the color of your gums. The plastic used to cover the metal frame is tooth-colored, so the metal framework will not show through your mouth when you speak. The clips will be visible when talking, so they should be removed as soon as possible to avoid irritation.

The most common type of partial dentures are made of metal, and they are the most durable. The metal frames are very sturdy and built to last for many years. Most of these models are made of plastic that matches the color of your gums. The plastic covering the metal frame may be visible, especially when talking, so you can opt for tooth-colored clips. The clips connected to the metal framework are made of tooth-colored plastic.

Some partial dentures are made of plastic or metal. These are made of resin or metal and are custom-made in a dental lab. These are less expensive than dental implants, but they may not look natural and feel uncomfortable at first. Once you’ve had them fitted, your dentist will help you to adjust them and make them as comfortable as possible. Once you’ve had them fitted, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable they are.