Taking Out the Pepper Money Award

Pepper Money Award

Pepper is a multi-award winning specialist lender offering Residential and Buy to Let mortgages exclusively through intermediaries. They challenge the accepted and offer a common sense approach to underwriting, with broad criteria and competitive pricing. They have a dedicated team of skilled, mandated underwriters who review each case on its merits, so whether your client is recently self-employed, has a complex income or credit blips, speak to Pepper.

Taking out the 2021 Australian Mortgage 피망 머니상 Awards Non-Bank Lender of the Year award was no small feat for Pepper Money, especially as it was a fully employee-run initiative with the winners chosen by their own colleagues. In addition, the company is also committed to supporting those less fortunate than themselves through their Pepper Shout Out program, which sees funds donated to worthy causes and people in need.

Recently, this saw them provide a grant to Shannon Jones, who is partially blind and captain of St Kilda’s Blind AFL team. This enables him to run his interactive clinics that allow children with partial or no vision to experience the thrill of playing AFL football in a safe environment.

The Pepper Money Award is a great way to recognise those individuals and organisations that are doing incredible work in the community. The company has a strong culture of giving back and helping those less fortunate, and this is reflected in the fact that their Shout Out awards are 100% employee-run.

Each nomination is reviewed and voted on by Pepper Money employees, with the winners contacted personally and given funding to support their causes. This year, Pepper Shout Out has also been sponsored by FINSTREET and PRPTY 360, and will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre on Friday, 24 May.

Using Pepper’s low-code platform SOLANA, they have been able to revise business processes and automate tasks to deliver a better service for their customers. The platform has enabled them to increase the speed of their credit decisions, while allowing them to meet their SLAs and manage customer expectations.

In addition, the Pepper Money team have been able to build a new broker lender application for New Zealand in just three months. This was done entirely through SOLANA and without the need for developers to write any code, which has allowed them to rapidly respond to market demands.

As a lending specialist, Pepper Money is known for their flexible and competitive home loan products, and they are often a reputable option for mortgage brokers looking to assist clients who are unable to get a loan with mainstream lenders. They will consider applications from borrowers with limited documentation or a history of credit issues, and they also offer specialist loan options for those who need alt doc or low doc home loans. Their reputation for outstanding customer service makes them a favourite choice amongst the mortgage broker community, particularly those with more complex home loan applicants.