Roofing Materials – How to Choose the Right One For Your Home

Roofing materials are not all created equal. One may want to go with the best of the bunch to ensure longevity and protection from the elements. Here are a few to consider.

Metal tiles are among the most popular. They offer a pleasing aesthetic and a durable finish. The best part is, they’re easy to install. This type of roof is suitable for most climates and most budgets. Roofing with metal tiles is not only affordable, it’s also relatively quick and easy to install.

There are several types of roll-type roofing materials, most of which are quite the faff to install. ThisĀ roofing material service life is especially true if you don’t have the proper tools on hand. Fortunately, this is not a problem with TECHNONICOL’s range of polymeric membranes.

The best roofing material is one that’s durable, effective and easy to install. In the garage, this can mean a few different things. Slate is a good choice, but not the best option for your home. For a small house, you’ll be better off with a lightweight corrugated board. Roll-type roofs are a cheaper alternative, though. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Also, make sure that your rafter system is strong enough to carry your load. A flex test is one way to find out.

There are plenty of other roll-type materials to choose from, including laminated timber, polystyrene sheets, reinforced concrete panels, and other composites. Some of them are even fire retardant, a rare feat in the world of polymeric membranes. Other roll-type materials can be fused with a gas burner or laid out on a mastic. Choosing the right material can save you the hassles of re-roofing your home in the future. Besides, a well-planned, properly installed rafter system will withstand the rigors of a lifetime. So, pick the material that matches your personality and your building’s needs. Whether you’re looking to rebuild your old home, or build a new one from the ground up, TECHNONICOL has got you covered.