Massage is a wonderful tool for much more than stress relief

Massage is a wonderful tool for much more than stress relief. It can also help the body to heal, treat chronic conditions and assist in maintaining muscular health. Located in Cheshire, Imagine Wellness offers therapeutic massage and other wellness services.

Offering a full range of Pure spa and beauty treatments including facials, relaxing Pure massage, body wraps and express treatments. The spa has a dedicated area for Leighton Denny or Shellac manicures and pedicures too.

Nature of Massage is a unique therapeutic massageĀ Massage in Cheshire destination where you will feel sheltered in a world apart. The barn wood siding and old stone fireplace were the inspiration for the whole environment – natural materials, images, sounds and textures incorporating the five elements of Chinese philosophy: fountains (Water), stones, carved wooden screens and reed ceiling covers (Earth), lanterns, lamps and candles and wrought iron accents (Fire).

A deeply relaxing treatment designed to relax aching back muscles and ease away tension using plain or pre-blended aromatherapy oils. A full body massage that includes a drainage massage to reduce water retention lightening ‘heavy’ legs, finishing with an express facial that will leave you looking as glowy as you feel.

In addition to learning how to perform basic massage techniques, massage therapists study anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology. Anatomy and physiology courses help them understand how the different body systems operate and interrelate, while kinesiology studies muscle components, attachments, motions and structure. Pathology lessons focus on diseases, areas of caution in massage and massage contraindications for different medical conditions.

After completing their education, massage therapists can gain hands-on experience by working as an intern or working in the massage clinic at their school. Then, they need to secure a job. Some massage therapists have found that attending professional events, joining professional associations and creating a website or social media presence can help them find clients.