Yoga for office workers

Yoga for office workers

First exercise
This exercise is very effective for so-called “office workers”. Sedentary work affects the spine. And often at night, you feel the fatigue and tension in the shoulders and upper back. To eliminate the “stress”, follow these steps: Go into a standing position with your feet apart. Keep your hands in the “free” position along the body. Lift one of their shoulders and carry it forward, then down and back up again, making way to the starting point. Do this three times at a slow pace “circle to the right” and “against the circle to the right.” In exchange for other shoulder and do the same. Then, with the shoulders at the same time. Remember not to rush, perform like a slow motion movie.

Second exercise
It also focuses on the spine. is technique involves the muscles of the back and shoulders, improving blood circulation, strengthen the muscles of the chest and middle back. In a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, straighten your arms extended, palms up. Make three or four complete circles, as in exercise whenever keeping the shoulders, palms up. If possible, try to make wider circles, always with the palms up fingers together. At year-end lower your arms and let rest for a while.fito spray effekt

The number three
This is a neck exercise. That effectively will help relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Taking a position that was described in previous, lower your arms along the body. Slowly bend your head to the right without lifting the chin should touch shoulders.The the clavicle and the point of view to the right. Do it for three times and then turn your head to the right to look over your right shoulder and then left. Do the same for the left side. Tilt your head to the left, while the site also goes to the left. Everything is done slowly.revitalum mind plus efekt

Another one
After warming up by previous years beginning with the rotations of the torso. This exercise strengthens the muscles, not just the spine, but also the abdomen. The spine becomes more flexible, thin body posture, breathing call. In the same position (described in the early years), sometimes in front of the chest hand horizontally, palm to palm, and slowly rotate your torso to the right, then left, do not forget to look over his shoulder. Complete three laps in each direction. Slowly.

The last exercise
He leans forward will be the last year of the “backbone” series. Positive effect will be in the muscles of the shoulders and neck as well as the improvement of the abdominal muscles and muscles of the legs. And most interesting of this exercise is its contribution to the development of “happiness hormones” and the oxygen saturation in the brain. Therefore, standing position, feet together, arms along the body. Raise your hands as you breathe out the sides and if possible send them to their backs, holding this position for 2-3 seconds. Exhaling, bend forward and try to touch the ground with their hands. Also performed on three occasions. In the end, after the curve third stay there, bent forward in a relaxed state. Let your hands hang freely and the head of the body down and “fall asleep” for several seconds. Then it rises.

These simple exercises will keep you fit during office hours and give your body strength and flexibility.

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