Treatment Of Genital Warts: Drive Off The Unwanted Outgrowths

Treatment Of Genital Warts: Drive Off The Unwanted Outgrowths

When the genital warts appear as single outgrowths, you may not be bothered and life may go on as usual. However, when the single genital warts merge with the surrounding genital warts, they become clusters of genital warts. The clusters of genital warts may be painful if touched and slowly and gradually it becomes a great concern for you. Your genital area may look reddish and patched. You may also feel embarrassed during the sexual activity and your partner may even refrain from a sexual intercourse.

Filled with embarrassment, you turn toward the most reliable source of information—the Internet. You then try out all the possible treatments of genital warts and in the process you may even lose a lot of money. If you do not get relief from the genital warts after few months, it is recommended that you see a doctor immediately. Hunting on the Internet for the treatments of genital warts is human tendency, but it will do no good if you don’t know which treatment is best for you.

Doctors first examine the genital warts very carefully and may or may not perform tests on them. After the thorough diagnosis, the doctors may prescribe medications for the cure for genital warts. Most of the medications that are available in the market may dissolve the genital warts in no time, but you may have to wait a longer time if the genital warts are too many. Medications that are prescribed by the doctors can cause harm to the surrounding tissues, which may be temporary or permanent.

If the doctor has suggested that you undergo a surgery for the genital warts, then you need to know all the good and bad effects of the surgical operations. One type of the surgical treatments is the laser treatment. As the name suggests, this surgical method uses lasers to cut away the genital warts. In doing so, the good skin also gets damaged and may cause a lot of pain. Before the laser treatments, the doctors may administer a local anesthesia so that you don’t feel the pain during the surgery.

Some patients feel very afraid of the surgical methods and opt for a painless treatment of genital warts. The painless treatment of genital warts often comprises the use of a genital wart cream. The application of the genital wart cream can be done either by the doctor or the patient. For the first time, the doctors may perform the procedure of application of the genital wart cream in front of you. Once you have mastered the technique of the application, you may not need the help of the doctor.

There are many precautions that need to be followed during and after the application of the genital wart cream. Some of the precautions are as follows:

Always wash your hands with soap before and after the application of the genital wart cream
Wear clean undergarments
Don’t apply too much genital wart cream or too less genital wart cream
Close the cap of the genital wart cream tightly to prevent contamination
Apply the genital wart cream only when the doctor as asked you to apply
Apply the genital wart cream gently

Generally, the genital wart cream is applied just before you go to bed. In the morning, the genital wart cream can be washed off with water or some other solution as suggested by the doctor. After applying the genital wart cream, if you are getting a burning sensation, then you may have to tell your doctor immediately. If the genital wart cream has a corrosive effect on the genital warts, then you may feel a little irritation. Most of the irritation and burning goes off in some time and you will feel normal again.

The cure for genital warts depends on how you are taking the medications and which treatment you are undergoing. If the treatment is not a conventional one, then you may have to find out more about the treatment and get to know more about its effectiveness. Most treatments may be a bit expensive so see to it that your financials are planned properly. You may even avail discounts for the treatments as the competition is growing.

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