The Kombucha Mushroom: Articles

The Kombucha Mushroom: Articles

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The kombucha mushroom people, sitting around all day
Many of you may not be aware of this, but I have a Problem. (Okay, Problems, and you all know it.) This Problem centres around maple sugar. When given maple sugar, I cannot stop eating it until it is gone. ...

The kombucha mushroom people...
...besuchen mich absofort jeden tag! Denn ich hab das Livevideo von dem Lied Sugar von System of a Down von der 2 $ Bill Show. So was geiles Leute! Ich will mehr! Oh mann ich muss so bald wie möglich auf ein Konzert von denen gehen. ...

Re: I need a new mushroom in SF
Mari... Maria Mouk. if you leave a jar of GT''s kombucha out (covered ofcourse) it will eventually form the little guys...

Re: I need a new mushroom in SF
i have a big healthy baby that needs a good home. if you want one sooner rather than waiting to brew one from GT''s, i''d be happy to let you have it if you pick it up. I live in the SOMA/downtown area, email me if ...

Re: I need a new mushroom in SF
Wow, this is great. I''ve been lamenting the long ago death of mine for awhile, and no one I know uses them anymore. Good to know I''m not the only one. So, if I have the GT, do I just put it in a glass bowl and cover with cloth? ...

I need a new mushroom in SF
my n... my name is arnold snarb and I am looking. bad things happened to my little ones, I had them for 7 months. Mamma was huge. Anyone have a baby or two I can pick up?

Star Babies Preferred - Laminar Crystal Cupcake
A few weeks ago, I got a Kombucha Mushroom starter on eBay, and it''s slowly transforming a sugar/tea mixture into what my husband and I call "gooch". The Kombucha multiplies itself about every 30 days, so you are contstantly producing ...

System of a Down - Sugar
The kombucha mushroom people, Sitting around all day, Who can believe you, Who can believe you, Let your mother pray, (sugar). Well I?m not there all the time you know Some people, some people, some people, ...

A song with an entry all to itself...
System of a Down - SugarThe kombucha mushroom people,Sitting around all day,Who can believe you,Who can believe you,Let your mother pray, (sugar) (sugar)Well I''m not there all the time you knowSome people, some people, some people,Call ...

How to Brew Kombucha
Because that''s what we''d just gotten in the mail, a "thingie" commonly called a kombucha mushroom, even though it''s not a mushroom at all. "It looks like an alien!" yelled Jo. Maybe it is, added her father. One thing led to another, ...