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Moms, you just got your memory back. Mom Essentials from Mommy Track’d ($14.95) is all you need to keep yourself together. It’s got a week-at-a-glance calendar, tear-out shopping lists and directory pages, sticky notes and a pen holder thrown in for good measure. It won’t help you remember where you put the baby bottle…or the baby. But it’ll help you remember to pick up formula to put in the bottle, and that may help jog your memory!porn pro pills effet

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We don’t recommend playing hula-hoop with the Hands-Free Car Seat Carrier ($15.95). But you could, because you’re hands-free. (Hence the name!) This harness was invented by parents, so there’s inside knowledge in the design. It really distributes the weight and takes away the ache. Great for life on the go, from the car to wherever.как похудеть за 2 недели

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The nickname we gave my son very early on is the “rooster”> He is up at the crack of dawn every single day. Not only that but he wakes up his twin sister every morning also. We tried putting him to sleep later, and that jsut does not work, he would wake up at the same time and now he was not getting enough rest.

Enter the Good Nite Lite. The Good Nite Lite is a patent pending, behavioral modification device designed to promote a child’s ability to get the rest that is critical for healthy development.

The concept is simple: you set the time and an alarm for when you want your child to wake up. When it’s dark, the light shines blue and displays a happy moon face, so that your child knows it is still sleep time.

At the preset time, the light will turn yellow and show a cheery sun face letting your child know it is okay to get out of bed.

There are buttons on the back allow you to change settings. You can set the time five minutes back each day or each couple of days until your child is waking up at the desired time.

The light costs $34.99 and is a great way to reinforce good sleeping patterns. The clock is geared for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age who are just starting to grasp the concept of day and night.

My son loves this clock in his room and it has given my son, my husband and I and his baby brother (who shares his room right now) an extra hour or so of sleep.

I love this clock and will recommended it to any parent of early risers!

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Have A Great Baby Gear Product?

I am always looking for new, great baby gear to review. I am always open to hearing about a new gadget, toy, clothing or gear that children and their parents would love!

If you have a product you would like to have reviewed here or on my other site just send me an email using the contact Erinn button on the right hand side!

You can also always send suggestions on things you would like to see me review in the future!

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I am not a fan of most stuffed animals. My kids have a few that they are attached to and a few that they like but never play with. I hate to have things that just collect dust and are just taking up space. I have found a stuffed animal that is more though, one that is very special. Zoobie pets.

Zoobie was started by two brothers on a quest born out of a desire for innovation and a love of children. With a tag line of: Play. Sleep. Love. how can this company not be good? These are no ordinary animals, each pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow and a comfy blanket all in one!

Just detach the velcro and unzip a zipper and your stuffed animal can change into a pillow or blanket and back again. It is easy to use and safe for children.

How perfect is this for children to travel with? Instead of packing a lovie, a blanket and a pillow, you have it all in one with these soft, lovingly made zoobies. The signature faces on each animal all contain micro beads, making them extremely soft and each animal has its own definitive extra-soft-to-the-touch body texture, making for exceptionally comfy pillows. The inner blankets are made of extra soft and warm coral fleece.

All of the products produced for the Spring 2009 season have been tested by certified laboratories approved by the CPSC. Furthermore, all products sent before 2009 are also in compliance with CPSIA standards.

Choose from a ton of different animals from either the zoo collection or the safari collection.

My only problem with this toy is that my two older children each want one of their own! This makes not only a great gift for a new baby but kids of all ages will love it too!

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The one thing every parent has a problem with at one time or another is meal time. Whether it is a child who doesn’t want to sit at the table, one who always wants to eat with their hands, or a child who is a picky eater parents can all relate to meal time dilemas. I have found some funky dishware that may help with your troubles.

Trebimbi has flatware and dish sets that are colorful and adorable.Each Puppet Club Table Set includes a child-sized spoon, fork and knife, eggcup (so cute and may just get my kids to eat eggs!), bowl and mug that are really adorable.

Made in Italy, each cutlery piece has a stainless steel body and a colored polypropylene handle. Each piece has a cute smiling face and the pieces can be locked together like a string of paper dolls for easy storage or for fun at the table before dinner.

All of these are dishwasher safe and are recommended for kids two to six years old.

They are not inexpensive at $44.99 but may be worth it if it helps you get the little ones to eat. Amazon has a ton of different styles and colors.

I have not used these but they seem cute enough and could very well be worth the price tag, I would love to hear from someone on how they hold up and if their children love them.

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The Pantapop Plastic Chair ($336), designed by Verner Panton in 1969, is truly a rare commodity. Why? Because only a few originals were ever produced, and they were officially discontinued in 2003. Besides, they’re kind of groovy. Fully stackable and available in six colors, the Pantopop is the ultimate in metro chic style. And needless to say, supplies are limited.

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Ya know what time it is? It’s time to brush! And the Toothbrush Timer Frog ($11.39) lets your little one know exactly how long they should be brushing, thanks to its handy-dandy hourglass. Oh, and by the way, it’s cute. Brushing sucks! Toothbrush Timer Frog makes it fun, and shows them how quickly it’s all over with.

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Baby Einstein Touch & Discover Deluxe Gift Basket

The Baby Einstein Touch & Discover Deluxe Gift Basket ($159.95) is so loaded with educational goodness, we’ll just let its contents speak for themselves.

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We know you’ve thought about carrying baby around in a shopping bag. (Just admit it.) Try this instead. The Poppit Luxe Carrier Cover ($22.40 - $25.19) keeps your baby snuggly warm and securely on your person or in their car set. With your hands free, you can take advantage of the built-in hand warming pockets! Hey, faux suede is much better than paper or plastic.

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